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Martin Watts

Exiting a Business in the Wake of Self-Discovery

Martin Watts is the former Founder and CEO of Ozark River Manufacturing Co., which manufactures code-compliant, portable handwashing sinks. As a seasoned entrepreneur, he has experience in advertising, engineering, and creative solutions for the early education sector. Martin redefines corporate social responsibility through practical solutions management. He has been a member of EO since 2017.

Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Learn

  • Martin Watts talks about Ozark River Manufacturing Co. and his impetus to sell the business
  • How the pandemic initiated a demand for Ozark River’s products and accelerated its growth
  • Martin’s epiphany to evolve his listening skills
  • Developing a thriving culture that empowers teams to make individual decisions
  • Martin shares his mental process for exiting Ozark River
  • The benefits of leveraging EO forums to facilitate the exit process
  • How entrepreneurs can discover themselves in others’ vulnerabilities — and Martin’s future endeavors for self-discovery

In This Episode

Most entrepreneurs are innovators aiming to make a meaningful impact with their endeavors. But this drive can cause feelings of discontentment, leading entrepreneurs to prepare for a business sale. How can you navigate the mental, emotional, and strategic aspects of exiting your company?

After hiring a business coach who advised him to change himself for the company, Martin Watts realized his endeavors no longer served him. Consequently, he decided to sell his business and begin a journey of self-discovery. Throughout the exit process, Martin recognized that you have to build a culture that empowers your team to function without you. Attending EO forums also allows you to recognize your vulnerabilities in others to determine an optimal path forward.

Join Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson in this episode of The Decision as they chat with Martin Watts, the former Founder and CEO of Ozark River Manufacturing Co., about how he sold his business to redefine himself. Martin talks about how the pandemic accelerated his company’s growth, his mental process for exiting Ozark River, and how entrepreneurs can leverage their forums for self-discovery.

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