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For some EO Members, their stories of transformation may be delivering a measurable shift in business performance, while for others it may be a personal transformation. The important thing is that the impact of membership is real and it is life-changing. In these videos, EO members speak to the transformational power of EO.

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Because of EO

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  • EO creates "co-workers" for me so-to-speak. Being a business owner can be isolating at times and EO is a seamless way for me to connect with other business owners facing similar problems and challenges.

    Amy Tanksley

    Uncle Classic Barbershop

  • The friendships I've made in EO are invaluable to me.

    Alex Tolbert

    Bernard Health

  • You have either made a payroll and know what that responsibility feels like, or you haven't. If you know what that feels like, EO is the place for you.

    John Kepley


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