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Alliance Bernstein

AllianceBernstein ranks among the largest investment managers in the world, with over $700 billion in assets under management and 53 offices in 25 countries.  AB is proud to call Nashville its home and Global Headquarters since 2019.  Since 1967, they have served solely as an investment manager, providing their diverse client base with an uncommon level of transparency and consistency. And while most experienced investment managers conduct research, the independent nature of theirs—as well as the sheer breadth and scale of the effort— remains unmatched and is consistently rewarded as being the best. In an industry not typically known for innovation, AB understands the world will look different in the next ten years compared to the decades past. Rather than marketing their services, AB spends their resources on R&D efforts that ensure their clients will be well positioned for the future.  This has led them to be pioneers in responsible/impact investing, alternatives and performance-based fees.

The Private Wealth Division of AB is a firm like no other. As direct investors for clients, Bernstein’s clients receive direct access to the entire firm, including the portfolio managers and world-renowned research.  With a distinct core focus on business owners and entrepreneurs, they’ve created a state-of-the-art business model to guide clients through the intensified highs and lows of founders’ lives.  AB aims to help clients, causes, and communities envision–and achieve–a more prosperous, meaningful future.


  1. Printing Money: Understanding inflation and how it can impact you and your business.
  2. Pre-experience Selling Your Business: The power of seeing it before it happens
  3. Tax changes on the horizon and what it means for you
  4. From One CEO to Another: Discussion with AB CEO, Seth Bernstein


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