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Mignon Francois

A Tenacious Baking and Entrepreneurial Legacy – Mignon Francois

Mignon Francois is the Founder and CEO of The Cupcake Collection, a destination bakery that has sold over five million cupcakes. With no prior knowledge of baking and only $5 to her name, she developed an iconic flavor that has earned The Cupcake Collection a top 10 ranking in the country and the #1 cupcake in Tennessee. Mignon has received recognition, including Woman of Legend and Merit, Emerging Business Leader of the Year, and Black Enterprise Magazine’s Family Business of the Year award.

Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Learn

  • [3:26] What sparked Mignon Francois’ entrepreneurial journey?
  • [7:09] Mignon’s experience selling her first cupcakes
  • [13:13] Navigating from operating in a residential home to retail
  • [19:18] How Mignon built and scaled her bakery
  • [22:10] The decision to close a retail location: a strategic and emotional process
  • [26:54] Mignon shares her discovery of EO
  • [31:11] Overcoming initial adversity: Mignon’s story

In This Episode

Entrepreneurs have a talent for creating something out of nothing and transforming communities with innovative business ventures. These individuals are fueled by strategic creativity and the desire to elevate their lives. How did one resourceful entrepreneur turn $5 into a multi-location staple bakery?

While living in a two-room house with a makeshift bathroom, Mignon Francois had to choose between working and driving her six children to school. Tired of struggling to make ends meet, she began selling cupcakes to family and neighbors, whose positive feedback convinced her to turn this side hustle into a full-time operation. With no knowledge of business or baking, the first few years were a series of ups and downs, and even after gaining her footing, Mignon was forced to close a fruitless retail location. Learning and pivoting from her failures allowed Mignon to open more locations, making the bakery a premier destination for locals and tourists. When launching a new business venture, she maintains that you must have control over your vision and trajectory.

Join Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson in today’s edition of The Decision as they host Mignon Francois, the Founder and CEO of The Cupcake Collection, to talk about her community legacy. Mignon shares how she discovered EO, how she transitioned from operating in her home to retail locations, and her motivation to become an entrepreneur.

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