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David Florence

Advancing Decision-Making Through Breathwork – David Florence

David Florence is a Fractional Integrator and Well-being Consultant at CallProof, a company helping B2B sales teams manage customers using a sales activity reporting system. Through years of research and practice to enhance his physical and mental health, he became qualified in various disciplines, including breathwork, clinical hypnotherapy, and flow state science. David works with corporate teams and individuals to reduce stress and improve productivity and engagement through well-being programs.

Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Learn

  • David Florence shares his catalyst for becoming a well-being consultant
  • How breathwork uncovers the subconscious mind
  • The impact of energy on decision-making
  • Daily practices for shifting negative energy
  • Incorporating breathwork practices into EO forum meetings
  • What is the gamma mindset?
  • How to conjure discipline to execute mindfulness practices

In This Episode

After a prolonged stressful period or consuming copious amounts of alcohol, the brain resorts to fight or flight to restore its neurochemical balance, negatively impacting decision-making in various aspects of life. How can you shift your energy through discipline and mindfulness-based practices to remain present in your personal and professional life?

Breathwork coach and positive psychology advocate David Florence says awareness is the first step to transforming your mental state. Recognizing your emotions encourages discipline to incorporate invigorating practices into your daily life and alter your decision-making. These include breathwork, which awakens the subconscious mind to uncover your distress, and light exercises to improve oxygen and blood flow. You can even integrate these practices into EO forum meetings to place members on the same wavelength, facilitate meaningful conversations, and maintain an acute presence.

In this episode of EO Nashville’s The Decision, Robert Hartline sits down with David Florence, a Fractional Integrator and Well-being Consultant at CallProof, who shares daily practices for shifting your energy and improving decision-making. David talks about the gamma mindset, how energy negatively affects decision-making, and how to incorporate breathwork into EO forum meetings.

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