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Mike Rustici

Advancing EO’s Mission – Mike Rustici

Mike Rustici is the President of EO Nashville. He was the former President of Rustici Software, where he helped companies implement learning and development technologies. After selling the business, Mike founded Watershed, which leverages training and performance data to measure the impact of e-learning technologies.

Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Learn

  • Mike Rustici’s experience leading entrepreneurs in EO Nashville
  • How Mike leverages EO’s core values to elevate the organization
  • What are Mike’s most rewarding moments as EO Nashville’s president?
  • Advice for connecting with other EO groups — and the criteria for membership
  • Premier tips for new EO members — and how to engage disconnected members
  • Mike shares his presidential mission for the upcoming term

In This Episode

Entrepreneurs’ Organization provides invaluable growth and learning opportunities for mission-driven business owners. But the group’s success relies on continuous relationship-building. How can you contribute comprehensive value to enhance your EO chapter?

EO fosters respect, trust, boldness, collaborative growth, and a desire to learn and formulate impactful ideas. To extract optimal value from the program, you must connect with other members to share experiences, provide support, and cultivate a welcoming culture. When you collaborate with members from other chapters, the organization can grow and reach a diverse sphere of entrepreneurs. As the President of EO Nashville, Mike Rustici strives to encourage emotional intimacy in small groups and build strength through unity and meaningful conversations.

In today’s episode of The Decision, EO Nashville’s President Mike Rustici joins Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson to talk about his plans for accelerating the chapter’s mission. Mike shares his experience leading entrepreneurs, how to become an EO member, and how he leverages EO’s core values to enhance organizational value.

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