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Dew Tinnin

Building a Business of High-Performing Sales Professionals – Dew Tinnin

Dew Tinnin is the Founder, President, and Head Coach at Skillway, a relationship-based sales coaching, training, and strategy firm serving clients nationwide. With extensive experience in sales, management, and training, she has trained tens of thousands of salespeople and spent over 5,000 hours coaching producers and executives one-on-one. Dew uses public speaking, classroom training, one-on-one coaching, and in-depth consulting engagements to educate and motivate sales professionals to sell more and manage their time effectively.

Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Learn

  • Dew Tinnin talks about Skillway and the company’s beginnings
  • Dew’s decision to leave her previous consulting firm
  • How to distribute tasks when managing a business with a spouse
  • What is BrainTrust, and how do its forums differ from EO?
  • The business challenges Dew addressed and resolved in her BrainTrust forum — and the aftermath of her choice
  • Advice for transforming an unmotivated salesperson into a successful professional

In This Episode

As a sales consultant, how can you motivate your salespeople while supporting clients? Where can you receive guidance to manage these challenges and facilitate fruitful decision-making?

After losing a key company executive, Dew Tinnin feared her clients would feel abandoned by their trusted sales coach. By joining BrainTrust — an organization for women entrepreneurs — and engaging in experience shares, Dew helped her clients transition to a new coach and gained strategies for helping team members adapt to alternative roles. She learned that to nurture high-performing sales professionals, you must identify their motivations and provide them with opportunities to demonstrate their passions and skills.

In this episode of The Decision, Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson sit down with Dew Tinnin, the Founder, President, and Head Coach at Skillway, to discuss how she founded, grew, and optimized her company by leveraging BrainTrust forums. Dew also shares how she distributes tasks when managing Skillway with her husband, advice for transforming unmotivated salespeople into high-performing executives, and the business challenges she addressed in her BrainTrust forum.

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