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Dr. Douglas (Doug) Brackmann

Channeling the Entrepreneurial Gift of Ambition – Doug Brackmann

Dr. Douglas (Doug) Brackmann is the Founding Partner of The Brackmann Group, a highly specialized performance consulting group. He is also the co-author of Driven, which teaches driven individuals to master their unique gifts. With two PhDs in psychology, Dr. Doug has spent over 15 years working with top performers like CEOs, entrepreneurs, and athletes to help them overcome limiting beliefs, stop the cycle of shame, and achieve personal and professional success.

Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Learn

  • Dr. Douglas (Doug) Brackmann talks about the philosophy behind Driven
  • The role of genetics in entrepreneurial identities
  • Dr. Doug’s methodology for helping entrepreneurs transform their identities
  • Navigating fatherhood as a driven professional
  • How to cultivate authentic, vulnerable EO forum discussions
  • Tools for managing the analytical mind

In This Episode

High-performing individuals like entrepreneurs and Navy SEALs possess an innate ambitious quality that enables them to accomplish remarkable feats. However, this trait can also lead to addictive and impulsive behaviors that distract these professionals from reaching their full potential. How can you navigate and harness your untapped gift?

After struggling to discover his identity, Dr. Douglas Brackmann researched and wrote a book based on the Hunter versus Farmer theory, which suggests that ADHD and similar disorders are present in highly driven individuals akin to hunters adapting to a gatherer’s environment. Dr. Doug discovered these leaders allow feelings to govern their decisions, so he advises separating rational thinking from emotions to reconcile trauma and identity. Since driven people crave deep, intimate connections, EO forums allow them to express vulnerability without judgment.

In today’s episode of The Decision, the co-author of Driven, Dr. Douglas (Doug) Brackmann, joins Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson to talk about leveraging the entrepreneurial gift. Dr. Doug explains the role of genetics in driven identities, how to navigate fatherhood as an entrepreneur, and tools for managing your analytical mind.

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