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Robert Hartline

Escaping From the Retail Trap – Robert Hartline

Robert Hartline is the Founder and CEO of CallProof, a company that helps B2B sales teams manage their customers using a sales activity reporting system. He has been a member of EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization) for about eight years. He is also a Professional EOS Implementer for EOS Worldwide, where he shares his experience using the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) to scale a business from $10 million to $100 million in three years. Robert is the Founder of 8 Decisions, a life operating system for driven entrepreneurs. Before his current endeavors, Robert founded Absolute Wireless, a wireless retailer with 78 retail locations, which he sold in 2020.

Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Learn

  • Robert Hartline opens up about being raised in a former Nazi training facility
  • Robert’s move back to the US — and his introduction to sales
  • Discovering EO and the defining decision to become sober
  • How Robert combated identity theft, armed robberies, and frequent store break-ins
  • The choice and process of selling Absolute Wireless
  • Advice for finding your purpose after an exit

In This Episode

Many entrepreneurs consider retail one of the most demanding industries, especially for franchisees. These business owners must manage the launch and growth of multiple locations, which often presents unparalleled challenges. Some entrepreneurs become so burned out they consider selling their businesses. When you’ve put so much effort into scaling, is it possible to find an alternative purpose?

Long-time retail entrepreneur Robert Hartline became attracted to sales after realizing he could design the lifestyle he desired. His unique ability to repair phones led him to establish a wireless retail store. After joining EO and learning the power of revenue diversification, delegation, and systems, Robert franchised his business from 13 to 78 stores in three years. Yet a string of break-ins, armed robberies, and identity theft incidents left him feeling paranoid and defeated. Although Robert’s acquisition process was plagued by fraud and legal issues, his EO forum helped him navigate the process and discover his true calling. Rather than feeling like a prisoner of your business, Robert affirms you can partner with mentors to share stories, refine your vision, and embark on an alternative career path.

Join Eric Jackson as he interviews Robert Hartline, CallProof’s Founder and CEO, about his professional growth journey. Robert talks about being raised in a Nazi training facility, the event that facilitated his sobriety, and how he realized he wasn’t cut out for the music industry.

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