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Matthew Charette

Evolving Entrepreneurial Goals Through EO – Matthew Charette

Matthew Charette is a serial entrepreneur and restaurateur who sold three restaurants in 2023. With many years of experience in the hospitality industry, his skills include management, strategic planning, leadership, public speaking, and team building. Matthew is also a former US Marine Intelligence Analyst and Operator.

Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Learn

  • Matthew Charette talks about his involvement with Catalyst and how he joined EO
  • Matthew’s early entrepreneurial and leadership ventures
  • Rebuilding business sites after a tornado
  • What prompted Matthew to sell his restaurants?
  • How EO forums provide diverse perspectives to achieve goals
  • A transparent discussion about trauma and mental health
  • Advice for giving back to EO

In This Episode

It’s natural for entrepreneurs to feel trapped by their businesses, especially if they lack a clear direction and sound systems to reach their goals. Yet even with a robust business model, entrepreneurs may consider selling their companies. With your business tied to your identity, how can you establish and attain new goals?

Multi-restaurant entrepreneur Matthew Charette believed his businesses were scaling seamlessly. After joining Catalyst and, later, EO, he realized his restaurants couldn’t operate without him. His experience observing others’ successes and failures allowed him to build systems and a high-performing management team. However, once Matthew reached the pinnacle of his progress, he struggled to identify a new direction, leading him to sell his business and create a lasting legacy in EO. When you have forum mates invested in your future, you can establish and accept decisions and goals.

In this episode of EO Nashville’s The Decision, guest Matthew Charette joins Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson to share his trajectory in EO and restaurant ownership. Matthew talks about how he rebuilt his restaurant sites following a tornado, his experience with PTSD, and how to give back to your forum.

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