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Chris Blair

From Hiding in the Shadows of Failure To Sharing Professional Growth Tips – Chris Blair

Chris Blair is the Founder and President of The Listening Room Cafe, a full-service restaurant, bar, and event space. As a singer and songwriter, he founded The Listening Room after noticing a lack of high-quality music venues in the Nashville area. Chris is also the Co-founder and VP of Operations at Trinity Parking, a high-end valet company specializing in restaurants and events. As a serial entrepreneur and investor, he also co-founded Inca Experiences — which recommends unique hiking and travel experiences in Peru — and Cinco de Mayo Mexican Restaurant.

Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Learn

  • The Listening Room Cafe’s origin story and location transitions
  • How Chris Blair realized his vision for The Listening Room
  • Chris reveals his struggle to sustain The Listening Room at its original location
  • EO’s role in Chris’ business decisions
  • What is Chris’ decision-making and leadership style?
  • Advice for maximizing the EO experience

In This Episode

Everyone has a unique decision-making style. But what happens when this process interferes with business operations, growth, and success? Today’s tenacious guest shares his journey to overcoming hardships and leveraging his EO forum to make productive business decisions.

Chris Blair was running his restaurant single-handedly in a suboptimal space. As a leader who struggled with confrontation and holding team members accountable, he nearly lost the business. Chris credits his EO forum for providing him with the conviction and confidence to dismiss unproductive team members and acquire people who complement his skill sets. When you have authentic conversations with your forum, you can gain insights into your leadership style and make the appropriate business adjustments.

In this episode of The Decision, Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson speak with Chris Blair, the Founder and President of The Listening Room Cafe, about how he transformed himself from a distressed business owner into a respected entrepreneur. Chris shares how he discovered his vision for The Listening Room, the restaurant’s location transitions, and how to maximize the EO experience.

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