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Gregory (Greg) Luken

From Physical Limitations to Mental Breakthroughs: How a Tenacious Entrepreneur Defied His Odds – Greg Luken

Gregory (Greg) Luken is the Owner of Luken Investment Analytics, which provides innovative investment research, communications, and compliance for financial advisors. He is also a Smart Diversification Fund portfolio manager, developing math-based solutions for financial advisors for 30 years. As an author and thought leader, Greg has written two books and has been published in Forbes, Financial Advisor, and Wealth Management magazine. He is also a frequent guest on global financial networks, including Bloomsburg and Fox Business News.

Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Learn

  • Gregory (Greg) Luken talks about his pre-entrepreneurial background and founding Luken Investment Analytics
  • How EO altered Greg’s perspective on entrepreneurship
  • EO’s role in facilitating a pivotal financial decision for Greg
  • Prioritizing personal and professional endeavors and dismantling your limitations
  • Advice for resolving a stagnant decision
  • The purpose of EO forums and how to optimize them

In This Episode

Entrepreneurs are often taught that those who quit never succeed, causing them to avoid crucial decision-making and remain in unproductive situations. Today’s entrepreneur has overcome staggering odds while acknowledging that failure is acceptable. What can you learn from his journey?

As a child, investment entrepreneur Greg Luken was told he could never participate in physical activity after three surgeries that left him with scarring on his lung. Despite this, he competed in track and football, consistently striving to enhance his performance. After entering the business world and navigating financial challenges, Greg joined EO and realized the value of strategic failure, allowing him to perform marketing testing on risky new ventures and discontinue ineffective aspects of his business. He maintains that with any endeavor, the work is more demanding than the outcome, so you must believe in your abilities and commitments to execute a decision.

In today’s episode of EO Nashville’s The Decision, Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson meet with Gregory (Greg) Luken, the Owner of Luken Investment Analytics, who shares his revelations about failure, limitations, and decisions. Greg talks about how his upbringing influenced his approach to business, the purpose of EO forums, and how the organization altered his perspective on entrepreneurship.

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