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Jennifer Ghanem

From Revenue Loss to Recovery: Gaining Strength Through EO – Jennifer Ghanem

Jennifer Ghanem is the Founder, Owner, and Attorney at The Row Title & Escrow, LLC, a boutique real estate settlement services company. She is also a Founding Partner at Keller, Turner, Andrews, and Ghanem, PLLC, a boutique law firm catering to the needs of entertainers, athletes, and entrepreneurs. As a licensed lawyer, Jennifer represents developers, buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, homeowners associations, and financial institutions in real estate transactions, including residential purchases and commercial property acquisitions. Before becoming an entrepreneur, she served as in-house counsel for First American Corporation, a Fortune 500 company.

Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Learn

  • Jennifer Ghanem reveals her first entrepreneurial venture
  • How rising interest rates impacted Jennifer’s business — and how her forum guided her through the process
  • Jennifer’s identity before joining EO
  • Influential lessons from business recovery
  • Facilitating a forum retreat: the experience and the outcome
  • Advice for forum goal-setting

In This Episode

For many entrepreneurs, a market collapse is one of the most harrowing experiences. Without proper support, guidance, and resources, this can lead to bankruptcy. How can you recover your business after a significant revenue loss?

Real estate entrepreneur Jennifer Ghanem had the ideal business with top-tier talent and enough revenue to provide them with adequate pay and benefits. However, when interest rates spiked and stalled real estate transactions, Jennifer’s revenue plummeted by 80%, forcing her to cut her leading talents’ hours and pay and obtain a loan from the bank to offset the loss. This experience taught her the importance of flexibility and establishing an emergency fund. Jennifer suggests leveraging your forum for tips on saving money and allocating crucial business assets for times of need.

On this episode of The Decision, Eric Jackson and Robert Hartline welcome Jennifer Ghanem, the Founder, Owner, and Attorney at The Row Title & Escrow, LLC, who talks about the turning point in her entrepreneurial journey. Jennifer discusses her identity before joining EO, the lessons she learned after recovering her business, and how she facilitated a forum retreat around a book reading.

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