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Bill McCleskey

Giving Back to EO – Bill McCleskey

Bill McCleskey is the Founder of Mitech, a telecommunications company allowing IT consultants to earn income in business and residential telecom. While working as a Business Account Executive at Comcast, he founded Mitech, which attracted over 70 referral partners and 300 clients within the first year. Bill has been a board member and EO Forum Group Chair at EO Nashville since 2021.

Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Learn

  • Bill McCleskey talks about his involvement in EO Nashville’s board of directors
  • From Comcast employee to entrepreneur: Bill’s career trajectory
  • How Bill’s music industry background allowed him to accelerate relationship development
  • Applying EO principles to business
  • Robert Hartline and Bill describe a transformative EO trip
  • Why Bill runs marathons
  • The acquisition decision Bill presented to his forum

In This Episode

Entrepreneurs’ Organization is an exceptional resource for navigating personal and professional decisions, but how can you apply the wisdom you obtain in a forum to enhance business value? One spirited entrepreneur transformed his business through various positions on EO Nashville’s board of directors. Find out how!

Without fruitful relationships, entrepreneurship can be a lonely expedition, and as Bill McCleskey has observed, the experiences can be isolating when you can’t share them with anyone. After joining EO, he recognized that he could maximize his experience and exposure by giving back and volunteering on the board of directors. This decision allowed him to cultivate and leverage valuable relationships for his business. EO forums and events have a designated structure, so Bill recommends implementing one lesson a month into your business, extending the impact to your team and personal endeavors,

In this edition of EO Nashville’s The Decision, Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson talk with Bill McCleskey, the Founder of Mitech, about how he leverages his EO experience to maximize business relationships. Bill also mentions his crucial acquisition decision, his career journey from a Comcast employee to an entrepreneur, and why he runs marathons.

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