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Joe F. Brannon III

Growing Through Entrepreneurship – Joe F. Brannon III

Joe F. Brannon III is the Founder and CEO of TL Connects, which helps businesses increase revenue by building stronger relationships with their customers. He is also the Founder and CEO of textLiving, a customer loyalty and text marketing platform. As a servant leader, Joe focuses on building his company, team, customers, and software.

Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Learn

  • Joe F. Brannon III talks about his first entrepreneurial ventures and how he came to join EO
  • Joe’s experience facing business bankruptcy
  • From managing a $10 million business to building proprietary software: overcoming the challenges of entrepreneurship
  • Leveraging EO forums for emotional support during business growth
  • The process of presenting decisions to your forum
  • How Joe acquired capital during the pandemic
  • Entrepreneurship as a catalyst for personal growth

In This Episode

Studies show that 99% of early-stage businesses never reach $1 million in sales. Additionally, less than 1% of companies attain $10 million during their tenure. Would you venture into entrepreneurship if you knew the hardships you faced would reap little reward?

With a $1 million minimum revenue to join, Entrepreneurs’ Organization comprises business owners who defy the 1%. A case in point is software builder Joe F. Brannon III, who had built and lost several profitable businesses before declaring bankruptcy. Determined to remain an entrepreneur for the long term, he began teaching other business owners how to build and scale software companies. Yet this business was not without its challenges, so Joe joined EO for emotional support and guidance. By presenting crucial decisions and obstacles before a structured forum, you can gain clarity and scale beyond $1 million through thought-provoking questions and shared experiences.

In the latest episode of The Decision, Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson welcome their guest Joe F. Brannon III, the Founder and CEO of TL Connects, who shares his journey through entrepreneurship and EO. Joe explains how EO facilitated his personal growth, his transition from managing a $10 million company as an employee to building proprietary software, and how to conduct EO forum presentations.

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