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Bill Kimberlin

Handling the Death of a Partner – Bill Kimberlin

Bill Kimberlin is the Co-founder and CEO of Reveal Networks, Inc., a business intelligence and analytics consultancy. He is also the Founder and former President of EO Nashville, the Co-founder of the Silicon Valley Blockchain Society (SVBS), and an Advisor for Gravity Accelerator. As a serial entrepreneur, Bill has built customer acquisition programs for rapid-growth startups, led teams to develop acquisition programs for large public enterprises, and created go-to-market strategies to drive successful adoption.

Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Learn

  • Bill Kimberlin’s impetus for starting EO Nashville — and how he structured the chapter
  • How Bill acquired a technical partner for his business
  • Bill tells the story of his partner’s death and the decisions he made in its aftermath
  • Leveraging EO forums following an unforeseeable setback
  • Moving forward: fundamental lessons from a failed business investment

In This Episode

Approximately 10% of people have an entrepreneurial gene causing them to take considerable risks and devise far-fetched or esoteric goals. But what happens when you’re entrenched in your endeavors and suddenly lose your partner? How do you pick up the pieces and move forward?

EO Nashville Founder Bill Kimberlin resolved never to limit himself and co-founded an investor network for blockchain infrastructure. Realizing he lacked adequate technical knowledge, he acquired a partner with vast expertise and the ability to store and recall incredible amounts of information. However, Bill’s partner passed away unexpectedly, leaving him to decipher complex codes, access secure servers, and finish developing a SaaS product. After seeking help from his EO forum, Bill decided to relinquish the business. Although it was a painful defeat, he learned that failure is success turned inside out and encourages other entrepreneurs to return to their roots and apply lessons learned to future ventures.

In today’s episode of The Decision, Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson host Bill Kimberlin, Co-founder and CEO of Reveal Networks, Inc. and Founder of EO Nashville, who shares how he coped with the loss of his business partner. Bill talks about how he structured EO Nashville after its inception, his decision to acquire a technical partner, and how he relied on his EO forum for help.

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