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Deeannah Seymour

How a Mission-Driven Entrepreneur Discovered Her Calling – Deeannah Seymour

Deeannah Seymour is the Co-founder and CEO of pH-D Feminine Health, an independently held and certified women-owned and operated business providing health and wellness products for women struggling with feminine health issues. With a biology background and 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Deeannah partnered with the healthcare company Vireo Systems to develop products with holistic ingredients. She was named an EY (Ernst & Young) Entrepreneurial Winning Woman, and pH-D was recognized as one of WPO’s (Women Presidents Organization) 50 Fastest-Growing Companies.

Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Learn

  • How Deeannah Seymour developed an innovative product in an exclusive market
  • Deeannah talks about eliminating the stigma around feminine health
  • What inspired Deeannah to join EO, and how has the organization transformed her business?
  • The importance of building a mission-focused business 
  • A personal anecdote demonstrating calculated decision-making
  • Advice for deepening your EO journey

In This Episode

Entrepreneurship is not characterized exclusively by business value. Instead, entrepreneurs should dedicate themselves to a life-long mission, fostering a meaningful impact for their target audience. As a woman business owner fueled by public service, today’s guest embodies modesty and selflessness.

Deeannah Seymour’s corporate career in the pharmaceutical industry initiated a momentous opportunity to donate a kidney to a little boy on dialysis. Inspired by the family’s story, this decision — along with her personal health struggles — led Deeannah to transition from corporate healthcare to entrepreneurship. She built her business to encourage confidence among women as they transform their feminine health. With support from her EO forum, Deeannah created access to life-changing feminine health products for marginalized women. When tackling a new business venture, she proposes sharing your vision with network connections who can support and guide you.

On this episode of The Decision, join Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson as they invite Deeannah Seymour, the Co-founder and CEO of pH-D Feminine Health, to speak about her value-driven business venture. Deeannah shares her experience as an organ donor, how she eliminates the stigma surrounding feminine health, and her motivation for joining EO.

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