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Angela Proffitt

How Accountability and Experience Drive Transformative Change – Angela Proffitt

Angela Proffitt is the Founder, CEO, and Productivity Consultant at GSD Creative, a digital content creation agency helping companies produce organic content to target audiences and grow their brands. As an eight-figure entrepreneur, she helps other entrepreneurs, executives, and CEOs grow their companies and boost productivity using a proprietary wellness program.

As an international speaker, Angela has appeared on ABC, TLC, and E!, and her work has been featured in publications, including Success Magazine and US Weekly. She also served on the board of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) Nashville Chapter in multiple roles, including Social and Mentorship Chair.

Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Learn

  • Angela Proffitt’s background in psychology and how she joined EO
  • Angela talks about the dilemma she presented during her first EO forum
  • How Angela shifted her mindset through EO and transformed her business 
  • What are Angela’s business goals?
  • Embracing personal and professional change through EO coaching
  • The key drivers of change and decision-making
  • How to coach new forum members without offering advice

In This Episode

Are you experiencing burnout from a fast-paced lifestyle? Business owners often undertake every available opportunity and amass too many responsibilities at once. Joining an EO forum allows you to prioritize tasks and regain control of your life. But it’s your responsibility to make meaningful change. How can you transform your personal and professional life and help others in the process?

Productivity expert Angela Proffitt has observed that life-altering events drive radical change. After developing severe health issues from managing 250 events yearly, Angela was compelled to restructure her lifestyle. She attended EO forums to budget her time and reassess her priorities with calendar blocking and strategic planning. Through extensive coaching and accountability, Angela gained the clarity and experience to teach others the significance of self-care and prioritization. When coaching others with similar challenges, she recommends allowing them to seek help first before using your experiences to guide them.

In today’s episode of The Decision, Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson invite Angela Proffit, Founder, CEO, and Productivity Consultant at GSD Creative, to speak about the power of transforming your life and business. Angela also shares her business goals, how to embrace change through EO coaching, and how to coach new EO forum members without offering advice.

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