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Gary Wisniewski

How Defining Experiences Encourage Stronger Decision-Making – Gary Wisniewski

Gary Wisniewski is the President and CEO of Landmark Homes, a homebuilding company dedicated to building custom houses. In his role, he drives the company’s strategic direction, oversees operations, and ensures the delivery of high-quality homes to customers. Under Gary’s leadership, Landmark Homes has built a reputation for excellence. He is a visionary leader with over 30 years of experience in the homebuilding industry.

Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Learn

  • Gary Wisniewski’s most pivotal experiences in growing his business
  • Gary shares the turning point that brought him to EO
  • How to make informed decisions when managing family struggles
  • The lessons Gary acquired from enduring his mother’s mishap
  • Accelerating tough decision-making through EO
  • Pointers for maximizing the value of EO forums

In This Episode

Most entrepreneurs have struggled with decision-making at some point in their lives. Whether this hesitation originates from a fear of change, a perceived or physical loss of control, or the simple factor of not knowing how to proceed, failing to make a decision can have detrimental effects on your personal and professional life. Hear one entrepreneur’s inspiring story about changing the situations you can and accepting those you can’t.

After his mother broke numerous bones in a devastating fall down the stairs, Gary Wisniewski struggled to identify an ideal course of action and blamed himself for not recognizing her apprehension about relocating sooner. Gaining insights through similar experiences from EO forum members, Gary listened to his mother’s concerns and made a decision based on her best interests. When approaching any decision, he recommends discerning your feelings about the options before establishing, analyzing, and accepting the worst possible outcomes. EO forums can facilitate this process by allowing you to envision scenarios through others’ experiences.

Tune in to this episode of EO Nashville’s The Decision as Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson chat with Gary Wisniewski, the President and CEO of Landmark Homes, about the trials and tribulations of the decision-making process. Gary shares the turning point that brought him to EO, his most defining experiences in building his business, and how to maximize the value of your EO forum experience.

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