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Mose Ramieh

How To Engage Forum Members, Provide Value, and Mitigate Attrition – Mose Ramieh

Mose Ramieh is the Vice President of Business Development at CBS Field Services, a team of engineers and technicians improving the safety and reliability of electrical power systems. He is also a Business Development Executive at EMR Associates, an electrical manufacturing company specializing in power distribution and power quality products. As a NETA (InterNational Electrical Testing Association) certified level four technician, certified steam plant operator, and certified thermographer, Mose engages and educates electrical workers in safety and electrical testing procedures.

Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Learn

  • Mose Ramieh talks about how his life transformed after joining EO
  • How Mose founded an electrical maintenance company with his father
  • Mose’s transition from selling his company to working for another business
  • Pivotal lessons for new EO members — and how to maximize the value of the 5%
  • Why some entrepreneurs discontinue forums
  • Forum strategies to mitigate attrition
  • Mose and Eric Jackson share their plan to resolve tension in their forum

In This Episode

When EO forum members experience significant shifts in their personal or professional lives, they may lose connections with other members and decide to leave the group. This often triggers tension and isolation, causing the forum to disband. How can you reintroduce value among members to rebuild your forum?

As a forum moderator, Mose Ramieh has experienced disengagement among members. After obtaining feedback, he attributed the problem to a comprehensive lack of connections and benefits. If you notice dwindling participation in your forum, Mose suggests prioritizing the 5%. When sharing their experiences, some entrepreneurs reveal only surface-level issues, which inhibits value and problem-solving. Instead, you must be authentic and vulnerable, allowing other members to support you fully.

In today’s episode of The Decision, Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson sit down with Mose Ramieh, VP of Business Development at CBS Field Services and the Business Development Executive at EMR Associates, to discuss boosting forum value. Mose shares personal anecdotes for new EO members, how he transformed his life after joining EO, and his plan to resolve tension in his forum.

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