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Nathan Brandon

Multi-Business Sales: The Road to New Beginnings – Nathan Brandon

Nathan Brandon is the former Owner of Pure Green LLC, a local lawn care company he sold in 2023. After spending 15 years as a partner at an award-winning lawn and landscape management company, Nathan founded Pure Green to offer healthy, green grass using organic products and new technology.

Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Learn

  • Nathan Brandon reflects on his various business sales
  • How Nathan scaled his company before exiting — and how his EO forum facilitated the process
  • Navigating a non-compete agreement following a sale
  • What’s next for Nathan after his exit?
  • Tips for overcoming entrepreneurial addictions
  • Nathan’s strategies for transitioning his business during the exit process
  • The value of moderator training in EO forums

In This Episode

Selling and exiting a business is a complex, nuanced, and emotional process. Whether selling with an end goal in mind or exiting to manage financial, personal, or relationship challenges, developing a sound strategy is crucial in executing the process and determining the next steps. With experience selling and exiting multiple businesses, today’s guest reflects on his decisions and imparts advice for those facing similar circumstances.

At age 21, lawn care expert Nathan Brandon founded his first company with a partner. After ten years, the business wasn’t as profitable as he had hoped, so he decided to sell it. But this caused strife with Nathan’s business partner, leading him to draft a non-solicitation agreement. Having applied these lessons to his second business, Nathan doubled his profits before initiating a sale and exiting with a non-compete agreement. Throughout each process, he retained experiences and wisdom from EO forum members. The key to navigating any entrepreneurial journey is to be vulnerable and listen to others’ struggles.

In this episode of The Decision, Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson invite Nathan Brandon, the former owner of Pure Green LLC, to speak about his multiple business exits. Nathan shares how to overcome addictions associated with entrepreneurship, the value of EO moderator training, and his future career plans following his latest exit.

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