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Eric Jackson

Navigating Entrepreneurship and the EO Experience – Eric Jackson

Eric Jackson is the Founder and CEO of Element 47, a web design and marketing agency that helps businesses reach their marketing goals and connect to their next customer. Eric has been a member of EO for about 15 years. Before Element 47, he was the Founder and Managing Partner at Keystone Business Solutions and the President of the EO Nashville Chapter.

Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Learn

  • Eric Jackson talks about his earliest entrepreneurial ventures in printing and web development
  • Eric’s decision to acquire a business partner
  • How Eric’s decision-making process has evolved
  • The impact of sobriety on leadership
  • Tips for navigating your first EO forum experience
  • What are forum clearing rounds?

In This Episode

Many first-time entrepreneurs undertake multiple ventures, launching, buying, and selling various businesses before settling on a single industry or niche. Despite the volatility of early ownership, entrepreneurs have a propensity for self-employment. Hear about the trials and tribulations of the entrepreneurial journey from a seasoned businessman who has done it all.

After dabbling in printing and advertising, Eric Jackson launched a web development agency with a business partner. Yet partnerships aren’t always beneficial, as Eric discovered after trying to scale his company with two separate visions. Having made unproductive decisions, endured industry shutdowns from the pandemic, and struggled with alcohol addiction, Eric honed and developed his leadership skills. He recommends developing a trusted leadership team that can assume major responsibilities and make pivotal decisions, allowing you to focus on growth and relationship-building.

In today’s The Decision podcast episode, Eric Jackson joins Robert Hartline to talk about his entrepreneurial endeavors. Eric shares how to own your EO forum experience, the significance of forum clearing rounds, and how sobriety impacts leadership.

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