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Arnie Malham

The Value of Strategic and Collaborative EO Experiences – Arnie Malham

Arnie Malham is the Founder and President of BetterBookClub, which provides an innovative approach to company-sponsored learning. He is also the former Founder and President of cj Advertising, a full-service advertising agency for law firms that he sold in 2017. Cj has been recognized as one of the “Best Places to Work in Nashville,” and the agency received the Nashville Business Journal Best in Business Award in 2012. As an entrepreneur, culture consultant, and speaker, Arnie is the author of Worth Doing Wrong, which shares strategies for building a culture of team engagement.

Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Learn

  • Arnie Malham shares his experience joining an EO forum for personal and professional development
  • What are the most impactful forum retreat exercises?
  • The qualities of a productive forum retreat
  • Arnie talks about the decisions that fueled his initial forum presentations
  • How EO forums influence parenting styles
  • Tips for addressing recurring presentations
  • What was the outcome of Arnie’s decision to buy property for his business?

In This Episode

Entrepreneurs are often strong-willed — sometimes to their detriment — when they make decisions that damage the business and themselves in the process. Through forums and retreats, Entrepreneurs’ Organization offers the opportunity to view dilemmas from a fresh perspective. Learn how one uncompromising entrepreneur transformed his mindset and life through impactful EO experiences.

Upon realizing he wouldn’t be placed in a forum with experienced entrepreneurs, Arnie Malham was reluctant to participate. But after accepting help and experience-sharing from his peers, he learned to communicate and resolve pivotal decisions, leading to personal and professional growth and the awareness that all decision-making results in necessary and evolutionary outcomes. Arnie says the most effective forum activities involve moments where entrepreneurs can reflect on their circumstances and bond with their forum mates.

Arnie Malham, the former Founder and President of cj Advertising and the President of BetterBookClub, is Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson’s guest in this episode of EO Nashville’s The Decision. They discuss how impactful EO forums facilitate personal and professional development. Arnie also shares the qualities of an effective forum retreat, the decisions that fueled his forum presentations, and how to address recurring presentations.

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