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Ginger Jones

When a Deal To Sell Your Business Falls Through – Ginger Jones

Ginger Jones is a keynote speaker, consultant, and author. As a child born to deaf parents, she began her career as a speech-language pathologist and founded Jones Therapy Services, where she helped thousands of families navigate child development and children’s unique needs. Ginger now serves as a thought leader in child development, helping others maximize their potential and realize their goals and ambitions. She is also the President of EO Nashville.

Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Learn

  • Ginger Jones talks about Jones Therapy Services’ progression and her drive to sell it
  • How COVID facilitated Ginger’s decision to exit her business
  • The challenges of recognizing your purpose
  • Ginger’s discovery and moment of clarity following a failed deal
  • Navigating the business transaction process
  • Ginger shares her transition from business owner to President of EO Nashville — and how the roles correlate
  • How to recover following a sale

In This Episode

Selling a business is an emotional and demanding process requiring careful consideration and planning to establish a favorable deal structure. Yet sometimes, a transaction falls through due to increased risk and financial discrepancies. Find out how one tenacious entrepreneur exited her company following an initial failed deal and rediscovered her purpose in the process.

After deciding to sell her business for freedom and self-transformation, Ginger partnered with a seemingly ideal buyer and prepared her team for the transition. But this deal proved too good to be true, leaving Ginger feeling disheartened and without a purpose. With the help of faith and her EO forum, Ginger secured and closed a profitable deal. She has since joined EO as President to restore meaning in her life. If you’re struggling to close a deal or feel lost following an exit, Ginger recommends joining EO to gain valuable insights and mentor others through your experiences.

In today’s episode of The Decision, Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson are joined by consultant and keynote speaker Ginger Jones to talk about the trials and tribulations of selling a business. Ginger explains her moment of clarity following a failed deal, her transition from business owner to EO Nashville’s President, and how to discover your purpose after a sale.

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