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Forum Olympics

This contest is provided to the chapter to encourage participation in chapter, regional, and global events, forum hosting of SAP’s, and referrals of Catalyst, EO, and SAP Prospects.

EO Engage


All Forums will earn a pro-rata share of $5,000 per quarter. Prizes will be in the form of VISA or AMEX eGiftcards and will be sent to the moderator of record of each forum within 20 days of the closing of each fiscal quarter.


Forum Olympic Participation Points will be tracked within EO Nashville’s Engage site. Members and Olympic Forum Coaches will track “Participation and SAP Hosting Categories” / Chapter staff will track “Referral Categories”.

  • Chapter Event Participation: Forums will receive 100 points per person in attendance at chapter events (in person or virtually). Members must be registered for the event prior to event start time and actually attend the event to earn Forum Olympic points.*50 points will be deducted for “no show” of anyone registered for an in-person event.
  • University/Regional Event Participation: Forums will receive 200 points per member that attend an EO Global University, NERVE, GLC , EMP, Moderator Summit or another approved Regional, National, or International event.
  • Quarterly Moderator Meeting Participation: Forums will receive 200 points per meeting when their moderator (or proxy) attends the quarterly moderator meeting (in person or virtually when offered).
  • Strategic Alliance Partner Presentation at Forum (SAP): Forums will receive 200 points for each Strategic Alliance Partner hosted over the course of the year (in person or virtually). In forum member SAP’s do not count.
  • New EO Member Referral: Forums will receive 100 points per new EO member prospect referral that results in that individual attending a chapter recruitment test drive event.
  • New Catalyst Member Referral: Forums will receive 100 points per new Catalyst member referral that results in that individual joining the EO Nashville Catalyst program.
  • New Chapter Strategic Alliance Partner (SAP): Forums will receive 100 points per new EO Partner referral that results in a formal meeting to discuss a potential partnership.

Other Notes and Rules:

The Executive Director and Chapter President are the final arbitrators for decisions related to Olympics scoring. If you have questions about whether something will count for Olympics points or how points should be tallied, ask. Points do not carry over. The contest starts fresh every quarter. If you ask “Shouldn’t I get points for having done X?” and X is not listed above, the answer is “No”. If you find yourself arguing about points, stop and refocus your energy on your business, family, or self.


Attend events, host SAP’s, and refer potential members & SAP’s to earn points which become quarterly dollars for your forum to spend on being a better forum.

  • EO (Nashville) multiplies my business experience by an exponential factor and the dividends of membership are rich.

    Arnie Malham

    cj Advertising

  • The experience share and learning that I receive from EO is invaluable. Also to see how this group comes together to truly support one another is amazing.

    Brittany Lorenzi

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