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Robert Hartline, Eric Jackson

A Sobering Realization: Escaping From Alcohol Addiction – Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson

Robert HartlineRobert Hartline is the Founder and CEO of CallProof, a company that helps B2B sales teams manage their customers using a sales activity reporting system. He has been a member of EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization) for about eight years. He is also a Professional EOS Implementer for EOS Worldwide, where he shares his experience using the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) to scale a business from $10 million to $100 million in three years. Before CallProof and EOS Worldwide, Robert was the Founder of Absolute Wireless, a wireless retailer with 78 retail locations, which he sold in 2020.




Eric JacksonEric Jackson is the Founder and CEO of Element 47, a web design and marketing agency that helps businesses reach their marketing goals and connect to their next customer. Eric has been a member of EO for about 15 years. Before Element 47, he was the Founder and Managing Partner at Keystone Business Solutions and the President of the EO Nashville Chapter.

Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Learn

  • How Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson connected and became leaders of EO
  • Robert and Eric share their journeys to sobriety
  • The genesis of The Decision podcast
  • How do upbringing and environment influence decisions?
  • Eric and Robert talk about how they help others become sober

In This Episode

Entrepreneurs must make countless decisions throughout their careers. But the decision to become sober is often considered one of the most difficult yet transformative choices. Learn inspiring stories from two EO leaders who embarked on a journey to sobriety while assisting others in the process.

Excessive alcohol consumption hinders effective decision-making significantly, negatively impacting health, work, and family life. Some entrepreneurs quit drinking after a few unpleasant experiences, but for Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson, it took many years, a lost business opportunity, and countless anecdotes from fellow EO members to reach this decision. Becoming sober can be incredibly challenging when your network consumes alcohol regularly, so Eric and Robert recommend seeking help from a therapist and joining EO forums to facilitate sobriety.

In this episode of The Decision, Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson open up about their respective alcohol addictions and how they achieved sobriety. Together, they discuss how their upbringing and past experiences influenced their dependencies, The Decision podcast as a catalyst to Eric’s sobriety, and how they help others in their sobriety journeys.

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