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Michael Ramsey

EO Support: An Entrepreneurial Growth Driver – Michael Ramsey

Michael Ramsey is the Clinic Director at We Grow Hair at PAI Medical Group, a clinic offering hair transplants and non-surgical hair restoration. After receiving a failed hair transplant, he partnered with the PAI Medical Group to open its first US-based hair restoration clinic in Nashville. As a senior medical consultant, Michael has specialized in hair restoration since 1999.

Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Learn

  • Michael Ramsey’s catalyst for joining EO
  • The genesis of We Grow Hair in Nashville
  • How Michael transformed his business through community — and how losing his father shaped the transformation
  • Hair restoration: helping people gain confidence about their appearance
  • Leveraging EO for business and personal growth
  • Michael shares his EO orientation experience

In This Episode

As an entrepreneur, your business will go through many iterations as you grow personally and professionally. What began as an experiential vision may evolve to accommodate new goals. Learn how a solutions-oriented entrepreneur elevated his business through community support and strategies.

Having experienced hair loss and the embarrassment of a botched hair transplant, Michael Ramsey opened a clinic to help others avoid similar experiences. While this vision was enough to sustain the business through launch, Michael realized he lacked the operational knowledge to scale. After joining an EO forum and engaging with experienced professionals, he leveraged EOS to work more efficiently and systematically, creating an alternative path for himself and his business. Michael endorses EO as a personal and professional growth mechanism, advising others to invest back into the forum to take control of their entrepreneurial journey and obtain maximum benefits.

On this episode of The Decision, Eric Jackson and Robert Hartline welcome their guest Michael Ramsey, the Clinic Director of We Grow Hair at PAI Medical Group. Together, they discuss how support from EO members can elevate the entrepreneurial journey. Michael also shares how he helps people boost their confidence through hair restoration, his experience in EO orientation, and the origin story of his business.

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