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Eva Angelina Romero

From Child Bride To Versatile Entrepreneur: How Mentorship Saved – Eva Angelina Romero

Eva Angelina Romero is the Owner and Principal Broker at Century 21 Capital Partners, where she focuses on residential sales, real estate development and investments, property management, and luxury real estate. With over 10 years of real estate experience, she sold her company Evaco Properties to the Century 21 Real Estate brand.

Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Learn

  • Eva Angelina Romero’s transition from The Catalyst Center to EO Nashville
  • How Eva’s childhood and upbringing shaped her entrepreneurial journey in sales
  • Eva opens up about losing her house during the stock market crash
  • Advice for maintaining relationships and growing with your EO forum 
  • What are forum clearing rounds?
  • Eva’s most defining professional decision — and how EO clarifies the decision-making process

In This Episode

Individuals facing adversity are often drawn to entrepreneurship. These professionals are resilient, risk-taking, and highly driven but require a safe space to share their dilemmas with like-minded peers. Learn an incredible story about a silenced entrepreneur who found her voice, built a career, and navigated loss.

As a child bride forced to marry at the age of 13, Eva Angelina Romero gained freedom after a mentor introduced her to sales and entrepreneurship. Yet losing her house during the stock market crash and hastily prioritizing business growth over family led her to join various entrepreneur groups before discovering EO, where she found support and admired the intimate nature of her forum. Maintaining effective relationships with forum members to reap the benefits of experience shares requires strict adherence to the rules, including time limits and agenda-setting. Forum members grow together when they facilitate uncomfortable conversations and take responsibility for their experiences by initiating the appropriate changes.

Join Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson in today’s episode of The Decision as they welcome new EO member and Century 21 Capital Partners’ Owner and Principal Broker, Eva Angelina Romero, to discuss her setbacks and joining EO. Together, they explain forum clearing rounds, how EO clarifies the decision-making process, and Eva’s most difficult business decision.

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