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Aaron Wenzel

Health, Wealth, and Happiness: A Physician’s Take on Living Through Purpose – Aaron Wenzel

Aaron Wenzel, MD, is the Founder and CEO of Brentwood MD, a members-only concierge medical practice. As a private physician, he specializes in providing personalized healthcare for entrepreneurs and executives. Aaron is an American Board of Family Medicine Board-Certified Physician and a member of ROAMD, a curated physicians network.

Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Learn

  • Aaron Wenzel describes his presentation at the EO forum summit on health
  • How Aaron conquered self-doubt to become a physician
  • Transitioning from a practicing doctor into an entrepreneurial physician: Aaron’s free-spirited journey
  • The fundamental aspects of healthcare for entrepreneurs
  • What is the connection between health and purpose?
  • How to monitor your health proactively
  • Words of wisdom for incoming EO members

In This Episode

Entrepreneurs can spend their entire lives building wealth, but that money is fruitless if they don’t take care of themselves physically. Your goals should include a commitment to maintaining your health so you can fulfill your vision fully. You can learn how to integrate health, purpose, and wealth.

As an entrepreneurial physician, Aaron Wenzel believes in traversing the path of entrepreneurship with the end in mind. This entails making intentional decisions and prioritizing endeavors based on value systems. Through this mindset, Aaron recognized his desire to transform his and other entrepreneurs’ health by reinventing traditional healthcare. When facing death, many people have regrets and consequently struggle to find peace. By analyzing aspects of your life like finances, relationships, impact, and purpose, you can chart your entrepreneurial path from beginning to end. Yet health is the most crucial aspect, and investing in it minimizes the prospect of regret and allows you to live up to your greatest potential.

Welcome back to this episode of EO Nashville’s The Decision as Robert Hartline interviews Aaron Wenzel, MD, the Founder and CEO of Brentwood MD, about the importance of investing in your health as an entrepreneur. Aaron describes the core aspects of entrepreneurial healthcare, his presentation at the EO forum summit on health, and how incoming EO members can maximize their potential.

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