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Joel Sanders

Leveraging Your Forum To Optimize Decision-Making – Joel Sanders

Joel Sanders is the Founder and CEO of Apartment Insiders, a free, hyper-personalized apartment locating service. He was the Founder of Nashville Apartment Locators, the largest and highest-rated apartment locating firm in the Nashville market that he grew from nothing to $1.3 million in annual revenue in two years. After selling the company to outside investors, Joel launched Apartment Insiders to expand on his prior efforts and deliver unparalleled customer experiences. Additionally, he has been a member of EO for three years.

Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Learn

  • How a successful business idea and a broken leg led to a full-fledged real estate career
  • Joel Sanders’ impetus for joining EO
  • Joel shares his risky business transaction — and how his EO forum helped him turn failure into opportunity
  • The benefits of making decisions through structured EO forums versus casual conversations 
  • Joel talks about his self-transformation and the lessons he’s learned since joining EO
  • How budding entrepreneurs can leverage EO forums to harness their strengths 
  • Nashville’s culturally rich innovations and business possibilities

In This Episode

As an emerging entrepreneur, mistakes and failures are inevitable, so acquiring support and valuable resources is crucial to ensuring future success. EO forums assist with various challenges, including business transactions, growth, and investments. How does this organization differ from other forms of support, and how can you capitalize on it to establish opportunities and develop personally and professionally?

Aiming to scale his business and diversify his revenue, Joel Sanders accepted a high-risk investment deal after reassurance from friends. He joined EO to gain insights from experienced professionals who advised him to leave the business and rebrand using informed knowledge and wisdom. When seeking guidance for your endeavors, Joel advocates for structured EO forum meetings — over arbitrary conversations with unreliable entrepreneurs — to gain diverse perspectives from trusted business owners with relevant expertise.

In this episode of The Decision, Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson host the Founder and CEO of Apartment Insiders, Joel Sanders, to discuss the value of structured support in decision-making. Joel shares how his EO forum helped him transform a risky company transaction into a profitable opportunity, how to leverage EO to harness your strengths, and how Nashville’s culture facilitates innovation and business ideas.

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