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Dan Manson

Living Out Loud – Dan Manson

Dan Manson, CADC-CS, is the Co-founder, President, and Chairman of Elevate Addiction Services, a residential drug and alcohol rehab program that treats addiction using a holistic approach. With over 25 years of experience in the substance abuse treatment industry, he is a Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor (CATC) and a Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor-Clinical Supervisor (CADC-CS). Dan has served as a rehab director, managing multiple facilities and working with employees, contractors, vendors, government officials, and politicians. He has also appeared on television, radio, and news channels.

Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Learn

  • How Dan Manson moved to Nashville and joined the city’s EO chapter
  • Dan talks about his personal and professional life before joining EO
  • From partying in college to counseling addicts
  • What was Dan’s most influential business decision?
  • EO’s impact on Dan’s personal relationships
  • Living authentically without compromise
  • Best practices for engaging in EO forums

In This Episode

Entrepreneurship promotes independence and allows professionals to execute their vision and values. However, if your business is licensed under a corporation, your ideas are often appropriated and your leadership limited. Hear how a Nashville newcomer escaped a hegemonic system and discovered his individuality.

With a passion for helping addicts transform their lives, addiction counselor Dan Manson strived to manage his business with heart. Yet the newly appointed management in a licensee corporation had alternative ideas and suppressed all of Dan’s efforts, leading him to sacrifice his virtue to maintain his business. After becoming overburdened by the longstanding oppression, Dan vowed never to be exploited again and, with the help of lawyers, severed his business from the corporation. In light of his experiences, he encourages every entrepreneur to live authentically and trust themselves more than others. With an encouraging EO forum, you can receive accountability to make pivotal decisions.

In today’s episode of The Decision by EO Nashville, Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson meet with Dan Manson, the Co-founder, President, and Chairman of Elevate Addiction Services, to talk about his journey to individuality. Dan shares his identity before joining EO, how he began counseling addicts after partying in college, and best practices for participating in EO forums.

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