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Dave Puncochar

Restoring Hope in the Face of Disaster – Dave Puncochar

Dave Puncochar is the Owner of Good Wood Nashville, a boutique, one-stop wood shop specializing in custom furniture, reclaimed flooring, accent walls, and more. After becoming frustrated with the process of matching 100-year-old wood floors in his Victorian-style home, Dave founded Good Wood Nashville out of his garage. He began selling barn wood and reclaimed flooring and other wood before creating custom furniture.

Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Learn

  • Dave Puncochar shares his experience surviving the Nashville tornado in 2020
  • How Dave’s EO forum helped repair his damaged house
  • The impact of COVID and the tornado on Good Wood Nashville
  • Dave talks about the Nashville Strong campaign
  • Fight, flight, or freeze: how fear defines your decisions
  • Advice for making tough decisions: lean on your support network

In This Episode

When calamities occur, it’s easy to despair and become discouraged. But with disaster comes extensive personal and professional growth opportunities. Discover how one perseverant entrepreneur transformed his tragic situation by helping and receiving support from others.

After a tornado destroyed his house and the pandemic disrupted his business processes, Dave Puncochar believed he would reach bankruptcy. Instead of terminating his business, he launched a campaign to raise funds for companies impacted by the events. As a result, Dave gained recognition for his company and restored a broken community. As an entrepreneur affected by devastation, he recommends leveraging your EO forum for support and to facilitate efficient decision-making.

In this episode of The Decision, Dave Puncochar, Owner of Good Wood Nashville, joins Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson to chat about how he overcame significant setbacks. Dave shares his experience surviving a tornado, how he avoided being shot, and the value of seeking support.

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