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Danielle McGee

Pivoting and Thriving After Failure – Danielle McGee

Danielle McGee is the Founder of Black Business Boom, a social enterprise supporting entrepreneurship in black communities. She is also a professor at Tennessee State University and the Founder of Black Owned Nashville, a network of thousands of Nashville-based Black entrepreneurs. As a certified digital marketer and passionate business leader, Danielle bridges the gap between business owners and the community.

Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Learn

  • Danielle McGee shares how she developed her business model
  • Danielle’s business-related trauma — and the lessons she learned from the experience
  • How Black Business Boom supports Black entrepreneurs
  • EO’s transformative impact on Black Business Boom
  • The forum retreat activities that changed Danielle’s outlook on life
  • A hindsight view of bankruptcy
  • Applying past experiences to execute a business vision

In This Episode

Some entrepreneurs are so dissatisfied with the corporate environment that they launch a business without thoroughly assessing the financial and legal aspects that come with it. Instead, entrepreneurs should only embark on a business venture once they’ve identified a central mission. Learn how you can create the business of your dreams with support and experience.

Desperate to escape the corporate confines, Black entrepreneur Danielle McGee opened a spa. Yet without proper zoning requirements, she couldn’t offer massages, which impacted revenue significantly. Determined to make a living as a full-time entrepreneur, Danielle spent nights and weekends bartending, cleaning houses, and working as an Uber driver. However, she didn’t secure enough revenue to sustain the business. Armed with fresh knowledge and experiences, Danielle identified and honed her vision and joined EO, where she gained strength and moral support to build and scale an impactful business.

In today’s episode of The Decision, Eric Jackson and Robert Hartline sit down with Danielle McGee, the Founder of Black Business Boom, to discuss her mission-driven entrepreneurial journey. Danielle mentions the forum retreat activities that altered her perspective on life, her experience filing for bankruptcy, and how she supports Black entrepreneurs.

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